The Masjid in Your House

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Without a doubt, hearts are heavy this Ramadan. For some, eyes are overflowing with tears and minds are still in a state of denial. There are too many emotions to make sense of this unprecedented Ramadan.

How can we have Ramadan without our Masjid? These reactions are natural.
Believers always look for positives in every circumstance and step up to the challenge with optimism. While the doors of the Masjid are closed, the doors of Ramadan’s blessings are open 24/7, and the doors of Allah’s mercy and forgiveness are still open.

In this lecture, Shaykh Saad Tasleem talks about building the spirit of the House of Allah in our own house and not missing the reward of this blessed month.

Speaker:Saad Tasleem
Format:Audio CD (MP3)
Duration:1 hour
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