Tertib Publishing welcomes you to publish your original and interesting works that make a valuable contribution to the education of the ummah. Build your legacy of knowledge and wisdom with us! 

Learn more about the process from the flowchart. The Guidelines for Authors is also available for your reference in order to ensure your manuscript is in the best version possible. Once you are ready to submit your manuscript, please complete the submission form below.

The decision of whether the manuscript is accepted or declined for publication will be informed via email within 30 days after the submission.

Publication Process

Publication process

Guidelines for Authors

  • Use British English
  • Use black, 12pt, Times New Roman font
  • Set margins to 1 inch on all sides
  • Set alignment to left-justified 
  • Use double-spaced line spacing 
  • Indent the first line of each paragraph by 0.5 inches
  • Do not indent by pressing the ‘space’ key 
  • Do not add any space between paragraphs
  • Number your pages consecutively
  • Prepare your manuscript in one Word document. 
Figures & Tables
  • Authors must obtain permission to reproduce any previously published artwork, and submit a copy of any permission grants with their final manuscript. Permission credit lines should be included in figure captions.
  • Prepare a separate file for each figure or table.
  • Figures must be of high resolution:
    • Images : minimum 300 dpi
    • Line drawings (e.g., graphs, charts) : minimum 600 dpi 
Foreign Language Terms
  • Glossary must be provided for all foreign-language terms and phrases that appear in the main body of the manuscript.
  • Any terms from languages other than English must be italicised.
  • Any Arabic terms must be transliterated according to the IJMES Transliteration Chart.
Notes, Bibliography & References
  • Prepare the notes, bibliography, or references according to the Chicago Manual of Style.

Manuscript Submission Form