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Across Dusk to Dawn

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The deepest shades of darkness that once surrounded us made us grapple in pitch blackness and drown in a sea of misery and despair. Out of loss and pain, our souls seek miracles across borders and horizons, from dusk to dawn, to find the lustrous light that could lead our hearts to hope and delight.

Acknowledging the hardships, failures, challenges, successes, joys, and past memories of our lives, our Lord has bestowed upon us an abundance of wisdom that transcends to liberate ourselves from unhealthy norms, habits, and circles, removing judgmental and toxic people from our lives, reconnecting with our inner child, and being passionate Muslims in living by the deen. Embarking on a healing journey and caring for our mental health, going on a journey of self-discovery, knowing ourselves, diving into the sea of our inner realm, searching for the hidden pearls of wisdom, and embracing the blessings of life while being illuminated by the love of Allah (s.w.t.).

May you find hope even in the pale light that will lead you towards a better sight, remove you from the painful fight, and give you guidance and might.

Authors:Sharifah Nadirah
Size:5″ x 7″
Length:252 pages

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