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Crowned: A Parent’s Guide to Helping Children Memorise the Qur’an


A comprehensive guide empowering you to help your child become a ḥāfiẓ of the Qur’an.

Don’t know where or how to start?
Unsure of what the ḥifẓ journey involves?
Struggling with consistency?
Is your child lacking motivation?
Are Qur’an lessons turning into battlegrounds?
Unsure of which method to use?

Helping your child become a ḥāfiẓ is one of the toughest but most rewarding things you can do for yourself and your child. Dr Ahsan Hanif explores every facet of the ḥifẓ journey from laying the correct foundation, finding the right method, and ideas for motivation, so you can be guided through the process from beginning to end and, in shā’ Allah, see your child flourish and become a ḥāfiẓ.

This book will help you with many things, including:

  • Understanding the ḥifẓ journey and what it involves
  • Knowing the different ḥifẓ methods and how to build them around your child’s schedule
  • Tips and ideas on how to make the journey positive and productive

The honour of receiving a crown from Allah in the next life could be yours.

Author:Dr Ahsan Hanif
Size:5.5″ x 8.5″
Length:402 pages
This product is only available for shipping to Southeast Asia, Australia, and New Zealand.

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