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[DEFECT] Dream Du’a Do: A Millennial Muslimah’s Guide to Achieving Your Wildest Dreams


Dream Du’a Do is the ultimate survival guide for the Millennial Muslimah. Packed with humour, honesty and heartfelt advice, this sunny book offers strategies for Muslim women to not just survive in today’s world, but to thrive. As a young British Bengali woman, Ruzina shares the ups and downs of her own journey and explains how she gained the confidence and clarity to achieve her dreams. Using the latest research in neuroscience, positive psychology, and inspiring examples of Muslim women, this refreshingly engaging how-to guide will encourage you to

  • Figure out your wildest ambitions by having the courage to DREAM
  • Inspire you to rely on the transformational power of prayers through DU’A
  • Empower you to go out to DO whatever it is you need to live your life to the full.

By the end of Dream Du’a Do, you will know exactly what you want out of this life, why you want it, how to achieve it!

Note: These books come with minor defects, but rest assured, they are still fully readable.

Author:Ruzina Ahad
Length:280 pages

Availability: In stock

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