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Fear & Hope in Allah: How to Balance?

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“Indeed, they used to hasten to good deeds and supplicate Us in hope and fear, and they were to Us humbly submissive.”
(Surah al-Anbiyaʾ, 21:90)

In Islam, fear and hope goes hand in hand, al-khauf wa rajaʾ which means fear of Allah and hopes for His reward. That is the essential trait of becoming a muʾmin.

Delve into Shaykh Assim al-Hakeem’s astute teaching on Fear and Hope in Allah. Explore the importance of increasing our iman by cultivating fear and acquiring hope when supplicating to Him (Glory be to Him, the Exalted).

Discover the value of perfecting the balance of fear and hope to polish our iman.

“O’ Allah, I submit my face to you and entrust my affair to you. I commit myself to you out of hope and fear of you.”
(Hisn al-Muslim, 111)

Author:Assim Al-Hakeem
Size:5″ x 7″
Length:55 pages

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