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[DEFECT] Love Stories from the Qur’an


Within the pages of Love Stories from the Qur’an by Yahya Ibrahim, the essence of love reverberates through narratives that embody birr, protection, qawwam, endearment, sacrifice, acceptance, and redemption. These stories unfurl as a testament to the power of transformation, turning the conventional on its head. With the tender embrace of an oxymoron, they offer solace and uplift those who’ve been pushed down, like an invigorating rain of barakah upon hearts and minds distanced from Allah (s.w.t.). From the first love story of Adam (a.s.) and Hawwa to the story of love for the ummah in Zakariyya’s (a.s.), prepare to be immersed in these timeless tales where love’s myriad facets transcend the ordinary and pave the way for extraordinary connections.

Note: These books come with minor defects, but rest assured, they are still fully readable.

Author:Yahya Ibrahim
Size:5″ x 7″
Length:125 pages

Availability: In stock

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