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Migration of the Heart: A Spiritual Journey to Allah and His Messenger (eBook)

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Like a traveller entering a foreign land, pondering on the extraordinary experience, one will achieve a clear vision of life once the heart migrates from a state of heedlessness to a state of enlightenment. And like a traveller deciding their way in an unknown land, this spiritual migration requires one to be guided—guidance that comes from none other but Allah and His Messenger.

In Migration of the Heart: A Spiritual Journey to Allah & His Messenger, Shaykh Abdullah Oduro discusses excerpts from the book Ar-Risalat Ut-Tabukiyyah by Ibn Al-Qayyim Al-Jawziyyah on the topics of the principled relationships, the blessed journey, Quranic provisions, and examples from the best of companions.

Author:Abdullah Oduro
Edition:First edition
Format:eBook (EPUB)
Print Length:78 pages
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